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How to Use a Car Charger for a Cell Phone

By John Zaremba, eHow Contributor
updated: January 5, 2010

Using a car charger is a basic part of cell phone maintenance; car chargers are handy in a pinch, especially for people who use their cars regularly throughout the day. Knowing how to use the charger--and what to do with it when it's not in use--can help keep your cell and car batteries in good working order.


1.) Locate your phone's charging port. Consult your manual if you need to, but in general, charging ports are located either on the side or the bottom of the phone. There may be a protective plastic piece on a hinge; remove it gently with the phone end of the charging cord.

2.) Plug the phone end into your cell phone. The plug should go in easily and sit in place securely. If it does not, you may have inserted it incorrectly.

3.) Locate your car's electric outlet. In general, these are located on the center console, near or beneath the temperature control. >>In older cars (or in "smoker" models of new cars), the outlet will be marked by a black plastic button with a picture of a cigarette. >>In newer cars, the ports generally are covered by a snap-on plastic lid 

4.) Remove the cigarette lighter, if there is one.

5.) Insert the large, rounded end into the electrical outlet. Your phone should start charging, though some cars must be on or in accessory mode for the outlet to work 

6.) Look at the handle of the large, rounded end. Many chargers have lights to indicate that power is flowing through the charger.